Fireplace by LoopTek

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Styl życia Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: LoopTek
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Enjoy the beauty of real Flames without the hassle of hauling wood, the aggravating mess of cleaning ashes, or the nasty smell of smoke.

This Virtual Fireplace is great for parties, romantic evenings and perfect for anytime anyplace, You get 7 unique scenes; Real Wood Burning Colonial Fireplace, Rustic Campfire and a Beach Bonfires as the sun sets over the waves! When a scene is chosen, it plays continuously for endless hours and looping of enjoyment

All fires feature their own unique sounds.

The best part of a Virtual fireplace is that it never dies down! Your Virtual Flames fire goes on endlessly until you return to the menu to select a different scene.

Each Flames scene has been beautifully recorded on location with ambient sound.